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Guitars Rock!

Hello all - Rockingham here. Thanks for visiting our site. I am grateful & honored to be able to start this new project with my Rock & Roll friends, something many of us have talked about for decades now. Tim was the first guityar player I met after moving to the North East when i got off active duty. He was always welcoming, freindly, funny and open to jam at a moment's notice. He made me feel welcome at a time when many judged me purely on my haircut and militant look. Likewise, Dopey, Peter, Steve & Sean have always been great musical partners and friends.

After [barely] surviving Corona , I realized that playing music with those for whom I have the utmost respect and love was not only paramaonut to my new reality, but in all likelyhood the very thing that I was spared for.

And so was born the Roswell Strings. It is a collective forum where we can all share the gift of making great music together in a more immediate acoustic-based format. We hope you enjoy our music and look forward to seeing you at one of our shows. Rock On...

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